12-Year-Old Boy Smashes Car Windshield To Rescue Toddler Locked Inside

A 12-year-old boy from Oklahoma saved the life of a two-year-old who was locked in a hot car. Ben Theriot was about to go shoe shopping with his mother when they heard a baby crying nearby. They found the young child locked in the back seat of a car as the heat index outside soared to 116 degrees.

Theriot grabbed a ratchet strap from his mother's car and tried to break the window.

"I started hitting the side window, didn't bust, bent it pretty badly," he told Fox 23.

While he was trying to shatter the window, an employee from one of the stores came outside with a metal bar from a clothing rack. Theriot took the bar and started to hit the windshield.

"I swung over my shoulder, hit it right in the center. And then I hit it a couple more times, and then I climbed on the windshield," Theriot explained. "I stomped on it, and then it cracked pretty badly again. Then, the lady went and grabbed that hanger thing, and then I put the hook into the windshield and pulled it out. And then I unlocked it."

The child was red-faced and upset but otherwise unharmed.

Police arrived and found the mother shopping in ROSS. She told the officers that she thought the child was in the care of another adult. They issued her a $250 ticket but did not arrest her because the child was not injured. Authorities say that the Department of Human Services is launching an investigation into what happened.

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