Angry Florida Man Tries To Mow Down Neighbor With Tractor


Police in Florida released cell phone video from a bizarre incident in June between two neighbors. Authorities received a call on June 19th about a disturbance between Scott Lynch and his neighbor, Howell Lamar Morris. Lynch told the cops that he had gotten into an argument with Morris over their property, which quickly escalated when Morris jumped into his tractor. The 72-year-old drove his tractor toward Lynch and screamed "Run fat a**," as he chased after him while Lynch's wife captured the entire ordeal on her cell phone. 

Lynch managed to get to his garage, close the door to escape his crazed neighbor, and call the 911. Lynch's wife showed them the shocking video and they promptly arrested Morris. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and ordered to not have any contact with Lynch. 


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